Degreasers - Can you repaint kitchen cabinets without sanding?

When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting - degreasers are misleading

If you want paint to stick always scuff a finish and if you really want paint to stick, always sand a surface thoroughly everywhere, especially after a degreaser.

Degreaser products are misleading

In our opinion degreasers are useless when it comes to refinishing older kitchen cabinets. In fact, we would only say a de-greaser could work if kitchen cabinets have never been used and you don't care how long fresh paint will last.


Water Damage

Repairing Water Damage Cabinets

If new cabinets aren't primed or sealed between the groove and shaker panel, water can get behind the panels to eventually blow out the finish. Water damage is exactly what happened to this expensive kitchen door below.


Caulking gaps is particularly important because open seams are prone to water getting behind seams and open grain.

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