Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Brighten Up Your Dark, Dated Kitchen Cabinets Today!

Beautiful kitchen cabinet painting that transforms dark or dated cupboards into clean and new again!
Paint uppers, lowers, islands, pantries, bathroom vanities any colour or any shade of white.

Victoria Duncan Nanaimo, BC Canada.

Kitchen cabinet painting

Why Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

  • Most kitchen cabinets can be beautifully refinished, painted or repurposed.
  • If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen but simply put, dislike the colour of your cupboards ... professionally painted cabinets will without question make them look new and modern again.
  • Most older cabinets have similar door profiles to today’s modern cabinets. Updated hardware and painting a modern colour will instantly give a fresh and new look again.
  • Most older cabinets are often better made to new cabinetry, why replace when you can simply paint them to look new again.
  • The money saved from painting cabinets allows more renovation $$$ to be put towards updated countertops, flooring, kitchen appliances etc.
  • Professionally spray painted cabinets not only look great, they add substantial $ value to your home.
  • Kitchen cabinet painting is fast, affordable and efficient. (average start to finish in 5 to 10 days).
  • No messy construction.

PAINTING Guys - Specializing in High Quality Kitchen Cabinet Painting

before after kitchen cabinet painting

Custom Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets 

🌈 Unlimited Colours or Combinations - white, black, over 3800 colour choices to choose from.

two-tone kitchen cabinet painting


Painting vs Refacing Doors & Drawers Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing cupboards is an option to consider as it's less expensive to buying new cabinetry. However, in most cases refacing cabinets is completely unnecessary if it’s colour you wish to change.

  • Refacing an average sized kitchen generally starts around $8000 which is substantially more than painting cupboards.
  • Refacing usually takes longer to get organized and complete. 
  • Kitchen cabinet painting cost thousand less to refacing and usually looks superior to refacing because everything matches.

Countertops - Before or After Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

People often ask, should new countertops be installed before or after the cabinet painting is done.

As long as countertops aren't touching any panels, kitchen cabinets can be painted before new countertops are installed. If countertops are installed before painting, installers should NOT use silicon around any areas that will be painted.

If you are changing countertops, installers should not use Silicon where wood will be painted.

  • Paint does not stick to silicon.
  • Silicon removal is tedious and problematic to kitchen cabinet painting. Any silicon touching wood should only be applied after painting.

Silicon free zone kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen Cabinet Paint

  • We always use high quality acrylic paint.
  • We don't use lacquer or oil products, including hybrid oil paints because they yellow and shrink over time.

Kitchen cabinet panels often shrink and expand throughout the seasons from changes in humidity. Therefore, lacquer and oil based products applied over older wood cabinets often shrink then crack over time. Read more on chipping and cracking

Why Choose PAINTING Guys to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

PAINTING Guys are 3 skilled Trades with over 40 years experience in:

  1. Wood Staining and Finishing
  2. High end Residential Painting
  3. Kitchen Cabinet Painting

PAINTING Guys have painted hundreds of kitchens over the last 40 years.  We do beautiful work.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

In order for paint to look new and adhere to any substrate, sanding nicks, pulls and handle impressions out and most importantly... sanding old lacquer down to the wood is the key to our excellent cabinet restoration.

We don’t just paint over cabinets, we meticulously clean and sand everything tight to the corners to ensure pro results every time. The cleaner wood is, the deeper and better paint bonds. The better the bond, the less chance paint will chip and expose previous stains or colours underneath old finishes. This process is particularly important when painting kitchen cabinets white.

Sanding cabinets is without question the nasty part of kitchen cabinet refinishing. When it comes to health and quality work, proper equipment is essential.

PAINTING Guys use State-of-the-art Festool sanders and Hepa air extraction systems in our shop and on location.

Sanding kitchen cabinets

Don't just spray paint over the wood. We meticulously de-grease, scrape, clean, sand old varnish and caulk so our spray finish sticks and LOOKS AMAZING..

Preparation - Cleaning & Sanding Kitchen Cabinets

We remove all the doors and drawers, disassemble everything but the cabinet shells (you usually do not need to remove dishes etc) Read more... This process usually takes a few hours. 

Once the disassembling is done we take everything back to our shop.

Sanded kitchen cabinets

Spray Painting kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

We’re often asked how many coats of paint do we apply:

Priming Kitchen Cabinets

  • We generally apply 2 coats of primer or undercoat and sand between coats.

Finish Coating Kitchen Cabinets

  • We generally apply 2 coats of finish.

Kitchen cabinet spray painting Nanaimo, Victoria BC
Beautiful example of how smooth spray finishing can look. Doors and drawers are factory smooth

Drying Racks for Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Freshly painted cabinets need a proper method to dry and cue doors and drawers. Drying racks are essential and why our kitchen cabinets are factory smooth. No project is too large or small for us.

sprayed cabinets drying Victoria Duncan Nanaimo

Painting Remaining Kitchen Cabinets Back In Your Home

When it comes to the finishing touches, there are always sections beyond spraying doors and drawers that require detail hand painting to match spray finishing:

(crown mouldings, face frames, panels, gables, shelving, inside microwave boxes, behind fridges, kick plate etc.)

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Victoria Duncan Nanaimo

The Finished Kitchen 🤩 

I knew they were going to look good but not this good, WOW!

Finished kitchen cabinet painting


Professionally painted kitchen cabinets look great, feel silky smooth, clean well and should last for years. Painting is a fraction of the cost to refacing or buying new cabinetry. See our examples

  • Fast - kitchen cabinet painting in (most cases) one week start to finish.
  • Affordable - home improvements, remodeling that adds value.
  • Low Impact - no removal of cabinets from walls, (there is very little disruption to your kitchen).
  • Clean -no dusty construction (cups, dishes etc do not need to be removed).
  • Unlimited Colours - white black, over 3800 colour choices to choose from.

How much does Kitchen Cabinet Painting cost?

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