What to Expect

What your kitchen will look like while the doors and drawers are being prepped and spray painted in our shop.

Cabinet shells remain so you can still use your kitchen. Very little needs to be removed from inside the cupboards, however, you may need to remove items in the drawer for us to be able to unscrew the "drawer fronts". You can continue to use your kitchen while we are gone, which usually takes about 7 days to finish spray paint the door and drawer fronts and backs.

Once we have finished the spray finishing in our shop, we return back to your home to paint the remaining details (crowns, face frames, microwave box, kick plates etc) which usually requires another 2 to 3 days for paint and caulking to cure. Once completed we reassemble everything and you have a bright clean new looking kitchen again! 

10 days (average) start to finish

cabinet boxes ready for painting

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting before after - PAINTING Guys

Gazebo Staining

Just finished staining this 25 year old gazebo. I used Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Stain-Translucent. Suitable for use on all types of wooden decking, siding and furniture and even gazebo's! I even stained the old cedar singles. Gave it a new life. Here is the before and after.

Espresso Bean Kitchen

Oak kitchen cabinets refinished in Benjamin Moore, Espresso Bean

Beautiful espresso kitchen transformed. New new counter tops are being installed next which will finish this gorgeous kitchen off.

oak cabinet painter, espresso

Custom matched the railings as well.

Espresso railing


Below is (a before) ....

Specs: Benjamin Moore Espresso Bean for the main and Cloud Cover for the island.

I also painted the railings and a fireplace mantel to match, thus....  give this house a whole new face lift!

PAINTING Guys cabinet painting

After 6 coats... here are both colours racked and drying now. Hard to believe these were those old oak doors.

Beautiful contrast!

Painting Guy, espresso kitchen

Cabinet painting and avoiding bubbles

Don't ruin your kitchen cabinets trying to paint them yourself...  or by hiring an inexperienced painter.  Look for testimonials like this: https://paintingguy…

  • If you are painting oak cabinets and don't prep them properly...  you will get bubbles.
  • If you use the wrong cleaners and primers....  you will create bubbles in the finish coats.
  • If you use sponge rollers, you will get bubbles.

NOTE: There is a lot more to painting kitchen cabinets than just paint or a sprayer. The prep work and knowing how to get the paint to sink into the grain without bubbles is where a professional cabinet painter with testimonials of proof make it worth the expense.

There is no cheap way around cabinet finishing.  When it comes to painting cabinets and vanities, open grain wood such as Oak, Walnut, Fir, Spruce, Pine etc takes time and knowledge in wood finishing to get paint to look like factory finishing.  If you paint them wrong, they will be ruined and most certainly devalue your home.

If you get them painted professionally, they will look amazing and add value to your home!

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