Cabinet Paint

Kitchen cabinet panels often shrink and expand throughout the seasons from changes in humidity

Therefore, it’s important to use flexible paint that bonds well to all types of products.  We always use Benjamin Moore colors and their top acrylic paints.

Cabinet Paint

Lacquer and oil-based products will yellow, shrink and crack over time.
Acrylic paint, (which doesn’t yellow or shrink)  makes more sense to use when painting cabinets. Read more on chipping and cracking

  • We always use high-quality acrylic paint.
  • We don't use lacquer or oil products, including hybrid oil paints because they yellow and shrink over time.

Cabinet Paint:

We choose Benjamin Moore acrylic paint because it is the best cabinet paint on the market.

  • Acrylic paint comes in any colour and the colours look amazing;
  • Acrylic paint does not smell or have harmful VOC off-gases such as alkyd, solid pigmented lacquer and composite paint.
  • Acrylic paint does not yellow which is extremely important when painting older cabinets a shade of white;
  • Acrylic paint is very durable and easy to touch up years down the road;
  • Acrylic paint is more flexible in comparison to a "composite, alkyd or lacquer" finish. Seams and joints have less chance of cracking compared to alkyd, solid-pigmented lacquer and composite paint.

Cabinet colours and choices:

We choose Benjamin Moore acrylic paint because of how it looks compared to all other brands.  Go to your local Benjamin Moore stores, choose a colour and we can paint your kitchen cabinets that colour. You are NOT locked into a pre-mixed limited colour choice such as you are with fast one-day painting companies.

In this how-to video, we demonstrate the durability of Benjamin Moore acrylic paint and why we don't recommend solid-pigmented composite, alkyd or lacquer paint.