Hand Painting vs Spray Painting

We never spray paint cabinets in clients homes for a variety of reasons:

Even though we could spray everything, we don't. We also don't have different processes for good/better/best workmanship. Why would anyone do a cheap job when you know there is a better way to do something. Therefore... we always do our best to achieve pro results.

When it comes to the finishing touches, there are always sections beyond spraying that require detailed hand painting to match spray finishing. Hand painting is an art in itself. The art to making a kitchen look amazing is all in the hand finishing and sealing of joints, cracks and seams. We are professional painters that learned how to paint long before we started spraying cabinets.

Hand Painting
Kitchen cabinet painting

Hand Painting

Crown mouldings, face frames, edging, side panels, gable ends, valances, shelving, inside microwave boxes, around built-in (overs, dishwashers and refrigerators), kick plates, behind  fridges plus anything with a crack requires caulking and hand finishing.

Hand finishing is the big difference to why our work looks so beautiful. We are successful cabinet painters because we are excellent hand finishers.

The hand painting and reassembling usually takes a few days to complete.