Does Paint Chip?

Paint is paint, it will always chip if you hit it

If you hit a car with a frying pan, the paint will chip! Painted cabinets react to impact no differently than car paint.

Repairing paint chips

If you chip the cabinets that we painted have no fear! PAINTING Guys always use non-yellowing Benjamin Moore 100% acrylic paint on kitchen cabinets. If you chip a cabinet simply take a Q-tip, dip it into the extra paint we leave you and touch it up!

Why use acrylic paint on kitchen cabinets?

We choose acrylic paint for cabinets because it shrinks less, has more flexibility, will not yellow and is super easy to touch up.

Acrylic paint is a superior product over lacquer and oil-based paint (including hybrid products like Benjamin Moore Advance). When it comes to kitchen cabinet paint... acrylic paint is a clear winner. PAINTING Guys have acrylic kitchen cabinet painting down pat. To learn more about this: lacquer vs paint