Cabinet Paint and Why?

What kind of paint do PAINTING Guys use on previously stained kitchen cabinets?



When it comes to painting previously stained kitchen cabinets we always apply B.I.N. shellac based primer/sealer and 100% acrylic paint for the top coats. 

We apply layer upon layer until the coats look perfect. Every job requires personal evaluation.  Some colours take more coats where others take less. 

Why do some painters still use oil based, composites or hybrids?

Pro's and cons
  • Oil base (alkyd) paint used on kitchen cabinets stinks for weeks, looks greasy in comparison, takes forever to layer between coats and yellows over time. We never use oil paint on kitchen cabinets. Being said: Its best for inexperienced painters or DIY because it levels out well and sticks to grease which means if you don't clean the cabinets very well it will stick relatively well.
  • Hybrid paint is no better to Alkyd however it cleans up better than oil paint.
  • Composite coating have a dead-look to them. They are hard but very brittle which is problematic and prone to cracking and chipping. Composite product are ideal for painters in a hurry to make money. Their selling feature is all about speed painting.

  Lacquer and oil-base products yellow, shrink and crack over time. You don't notice this happening with stained cabinets because its how wood looks. 
Read more on chipping and cracking

  • Acrylic paint comes in any colour and the colours look amazing;
  • Acrylic paint does not smell or have harmful VOC off-gases such as alkyd, solid pigmented lacquer and composite paint.
  • Acrylic paint does not yellow which is extremely important when painting older cabinets a shade of white;
  • Acrylic paint is very durable and easy to touch up years down the road;
  • Acrylic paint is more flexible in comparison to a "composite, alkyd or lacquer" finish. Seams and joints have less chance of cracking compared to alkyd, solid-pigmented lacquer and composite paint.

In this how-to video, we demonstrate the durability of Benjamin Moore acrylic paint and why we don't recommend solid-pigmented composite, alkyd or lacquer paint. 

In comparison to all other types of paint or composites, acrylic paint takes more skill to apply but the end result looks superior on kitchen cabinets. The colours of acrylic paint look stellar!