Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We don't just paint cabinets, we refinish them to look like new again!

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Save Thousands Compared To Replacing Or Refacing!

Benefits of Painting vs. Refacing vs. Replacing:

If you are happy with the layout of your cupboards, you do not need to replace or reface them. We’ve been restoring old kitchen cabinets for 4 decades and guarantee you will be 100 % satisfied at how good they look.

  • The average cost to replace kitchen cabinets is between 15 and 30 thousand dollars.
  • The average cost to reface your cabinets is between 8 and 15 thousand dollars.
  • The average cost to paint  your cabinets is between 3 and 5 thousand dollars.

We apply a beautiful, long lasting paint finish at a fraction of the cost of new cupboards.

Save thousands compared to replacing or refacing cabinets and vanities.  Example of the same kitchen before it was refinished. The old finish was faded and flaking off in places. We can transform old dated cabinets and make them look new again.

Our Refinishing Process 

When it comes to refinishing kitchen cabinets, if you do not sand everything properly, the finish not only looks cheap but it can also scratch and peel. Removing the doors and drawers from the cabinets produces the best (like-new) results. Sanding the old finish down to clean wood, patching dents and fixing cracks is how to properly refinish cabinets to look new again!

Sanding is how to properly refinish cabinets. kitchen cabinet painting

Drying racks ensure a satin smooth spray finish every time!

After spraying we always place the freshly spray-painted cabinet doors and drawers on drying racks in a vented and dust-free environment. This ensures a satin smooth finish every time!
We never spray cabinets in homes for a variety of reasons. Make-shift spray booths in homes are not how we paint cabinets.
When you hire PAINTING Guys we guaranteed your kitchen cabinets will look like new again!

Kitchen cabinet spray painting

You don't even need to empty your cupboards!

When the doors and drawers are removed we are able to refinish the shells separately. We caulk the seams, fix cracks so everything looks like new when it’s all put back together again. Our process is simple and very clean.

Example of how kitchen cabinets look before reassembling.

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Painting


Oxford White Kitchen cabinet painting